actlab Art.Communication.Transformation.Laboratory

actlab is a Berlin-based art and movement laboratory for artists, students, educators, arts administrators, and families who are interested in an interdisciplinary, integrated arts education approach.

actlab incorporates art-making techniques, art history, and visual thinking strategies (VTS) in conjunction with movement to create new connections across disciplines.

All creative activity begins with movement.(Joseph Zinker)

actlab is based on the understanding that art is a form of communication and can lead to transformative experiences across cultures, languages, curricular topics, and art disciplines.

actlab facilitators and participants engage in a mutual exchange of ideas with the goal of transforming our perception around a given theme. Art and movement are the main tools that actlab employs to accomplish this goal.

actlab projects promote creativity, collaboration, communication, social emotional development, and the discovery of new possibilities across expressive art forms. All participants can expect to learn how to use art history, art-making, and movement to inspire their work.

  • Artists can expect their own artistic practice to be inspired by the exploration of interdisciplinary arts connections. Artists can also expect to acquire art education strategies useful for work in schools, communities, and non-profit organizations.
  • Educators can expect to expand their pedagogical skill set to include art and movement techniques, thereby addressing students’ multiple intelligences and different learning modalities, as well as increasing cross-curricular access points (Gardner, 1983).
  • Students can expect to develop a variety of forms of self-expression, including art and movement techniques. Students acquire critical thinking, fine, and gross motor skills in a fun, safe atmosphere which is ideal for promoting students’ confidence, empathy, respect, language development, and body awareness.
  • Arts administrators can expect to customize professional development opportunities for staff members.
  • Families can expect to spend quality time together in a fun creative environment while reflecting on how to best support children’s interests.

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