Eylem Ozdemir is a freelance dancer and performer from Istanbul. She has been performing since 2008 and working with children for the last twelve years. Her areas of specialization include physical education, creative drama, movement, and dance. She currently lives and works in Berlin as a co-founder of the artist collective, Zeitgetroffen Kollectiv.

Naemeh Shirazi is a freelance artist, designer, and museum professional from New York City with over a decade of experience in the field of art education. She is a certified art, students with disabilities, and primary school teacher with an international background in English language instruction. Her current practice focuses on performance art, sustainability, and socially engaged art projects. She lives and works between New York City and Berlin.

Eylem Ozdemir

Eylem Ozdemir

Naemeh Shirazi

Naemeh Shirazi

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